• Exhibitions design for museums and cultural attractions.

    Heritage interpretation, graphic design, film, animation, immersive media, experiential design, VR, AR & mobile apps.

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    Engaging your audience imaginatively


    Engaging the imagination

    We tell stories for audiences, making complex narratives easy to understand through imaginative visual media. Whether producing film, animation, multimedia or VR/AR, our work communicates at an emotional and sensory level as well as an intellectual one. By engaging people in stories and ideas, we help to broaden their understanding of the world and our shared cultural experience.


    Layered interpretation

    Interpretation should be subtle, layered and designed to deliver learning outcomes effectively. Since people learn in different ways, we ensure that our media complements other exhibition materials and storylines. We communicate visually, create multi-lingual versions and thread layered messages throughout our programmes in ways that appeal to as wide an audience as possible.


    Electronic systems integration

    We work with electronic systems integrators to specify, design and build robust display systems. Whether your programmes are delivered via an AV show, touchscreens, mobile or headsets we work to ensure that all of the technology used throughout the exhibition works seamlessly. Where a secure VPN is in place we may also update your programmes throughout the life of your exhibition.


  • Services

    Professional creative services

    Film, video & AV shows

    Productions for every budget

    Whether we are shooting on a digital cinema camera such as an Arri or Red or simply an iPhone we strive to create films that deliver your message in a thoughtful and imaginative way.

    Animation & graphics

    Illustrating your story visually

    We create digital signage, animation, complex CGI and visualisations. We listen carefully to your requirements and provide exactly the right creative / production team for your project.

    Multimedia & interactives

    Making it fun and interactive

    We design touchscreen programmes, multi-user games for interactive tables and walls, experiential and immersive environments with an emphasis on fun using gestural control.


    Virtual experiences

    We create Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality programmes for mobile devices and installation. These include 360 video, Virtual Tours and programmes that tell collection stories.


    Bespoke app design

    We create custom built apps such as vibrant Multimedia Tours, Virtual Tours, Guide Tours and Audio Tours. These can be delivered via branded hardware or your audience's own mobile devices.

    Audio & lighting

    Sound & lighting design

    Audio and theatrical lighting design creates atmosphere in gallery spaces and historic buildings and is easily controlled on a schedule or as part of an AV show control system.

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